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Most CMs were seeking to better:

  • Report on social media efforts
  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Highlight/collect content


The OneForty blog is known for featuring tool reviews.

Reporting toolsEdit

  • - Reports on Twitter reach and ROI, all the way down to sponsor clicks. Lots of integrations.
  • PeopleBrowsr - Intense level of real-time analytics, including sentiment analysis. Expensive.
  • Crowdbooster - Reports on Twitter reach and recommends tweet times (and other things soon
  • Tweetreach - Reports on reach of Tweets and top RTers
  • TwentyFeet - Reports on Twitter analytics


  • - Colored to-do list boxes that you can move around
  • Evernote - Take and access rich notes from your phone or computer.
  • Wunderlist - Simple, multi-platform task manager
  • Time Out - Locks your screen at specific intervals so you can get up and take a break
  • Instapaper - Instantly save a webpage for later
  • Todoist - Simple to-do list
  • Gmail Undo - A feature in Gmail labs that gives you several seconds to "undo" sending an email
  • OmmWriter - Distraction-free writing tool


  • Podio - "Basecamp light" team collaboration system.
  • Yammer - Internal microblogging tool
  • Sococo - Virtual office and communications tools
  • Socialbase - Task management, with links directly to tools to complete them
  • CoTweet - Twitter app that allows you to assign tweets, see who replied, and easily translate tweets
  • Hootsuite - Twitter app that has multiple account support for those who handle multiple accounts
  • Google Docs - Access and edit docs from anywhere

Random AppsEdit

  • Qwitter - Tells you when people stop following you on Twitter
  • Buffer - Fill Buffer up with tweets, it'll post them throughout the day
  • Chrome Extension - Instantly shorten the URL of the page you're on, get alerts when your links hit a certain number of clicks
  • Tweepi - Cleans out inactive Twitter accounts you're following
  • CheckThis - Easy web publishing app for limited-life pages

Content CurationEdit

  • Zemanta - Places relevant related posts at the bottom of your blog post
  • Storify - Create stories with various forms of media and embed on your site (still requires manual curation)
  • - Pulls out top topics for a hashtag and aggregates them onto a webpage
  • - Aggregates content from across the web around a keyword, you choose which items to highlight in a newspaper-like format

Community Creation/ManagementEdit

  • Lithium - Build, analyze, and manage communities
  • Gist - Shows email contacts' social information, reminds you to follow up with people


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  • UserVoice Feedback - Don't spend time manually collecting feedback - set up a forum where your customers can post and vote for ideas, leaving you with a prioritized list. Status updates allow you to keep these customers informed and engaged as you act on the ideas.
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